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When life feels like it’s falling apart and you feel lost, I can help you find your way back home and reconnect you to your mind, body and soul.  The healing you desire comes from within you and the answers you seek are waiting in the wisdom of your body.

Trauma and stress can get locked in the body and can make us feel broken and disconnected from ourselves and the world. So, if it’s right for you the body becomes an important part of our work together. Being an integrative therapist allows me to use approaches based on your need and led by you.  The mix of approaches I use are Mindfulness, Person Centre counselling, Somatic body work, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused practice and Mindful movement in our sessions together.

Honesty and vulnerability are important to me. I offer strong boundaries and a space that is fully accepting to support the best possible healing.

We can believe that talking about our suffering might make it worse or that it is too frightening to face.  Turning toward our suffering is not easy and you have already taking a very brave step by seeking help. I will hold you through this journey of discovery and reconnection through a combination of talking, sensing and working with the body through mindfulness based therapeutic counselling which can help you feel whole again.

The relationship between us and your readiness to engage is paramount to your success. Finding a therapist that feels right for you is very important and can be a daunting task. To support you in this process I invite you to meet me for a no obligation half price session to see if I am the right person for you.

How Can I Help

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